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We start friday 18:00!
Welcome Klata to MirageOT.com
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20 Sep 2015
- MirageOT welcomes you!

Welcome dear player!
We welcome you to MirageOT, its a pleasure to have you here. Are you looking for an great adventure with great new contets, then you are at the right place. We have the offical Real-map ofcourse plus new contents to explore! Who dosent like war? We have the open battle system for those who like to PvP a lot. The normal guild war system to ofcourse! And for you who like to PvE theres lots of contents, monsters, bosses, quests to be explored! So we hope you will stay and enjoy our server!

Server Start: Server starting: 13 February 2015 at 18:00 [GMT + 1:00] (Swedish Time)

Note: Remember to use our referall system, so you will receive 10% of donations from your friends when they buy something!

Map: We have an total of 6 extra cities beside the Full 8.6 Real-Map. You can access these towns from any boat! Towns; Gengia, Oken, Pyre & Unique Cities: Vingard + Zengard + Trevera + Helis!

Points system. At certain levels you will get some free points for the shop:

At level 160 you will get 100 Premium Points to your Account
At level 190 you will get 100 Premium Points to your Account
At level 220 you will get 150 Premium Points to your Account

Outfit bonuses. You choose an outfit and get magic level or max hp bonus. Get to know more.

Lots of quests. All major quests (INQ, Yalahar Quest, POI, tasks) plus our own quests in the unique towns.

Experience Stages:
1-50 - x180
51-100 - x100
101-130 - x75
131-150 - x50
151-180 - x25
181-200 - x10
201-250 - x5
251-500 - x3
501+ - x2

Skills: 20x
Magic: 7x
Loot: 2.5x

Server info:
Client: 8.60
IP: MirageOT.com

Great DDoS-protection & no lags!
Events: Weekly and daily events such as Ultimate Team Battle Event with great rewards in-game and a lot more different events we frequently organize.
Raids: Hourly different raid, Rl Tibias raid system.
The Cast system - Stream your screen with others.
Addon Bonuses.
Free Points at Level 160, 190 & 220.
Real Map.
Almost every quest! (Example: INQ, Poi, DH, Annihilator, Yalahari Quest, AND MORE MUCH MORE).
Free premium.
PvP from level 50 and above.
Hosted 24/7.
Great War systems.

Be there at the Great Opening of this brand new 8.6 server when it starts!

Is there something you expect from a perfect server? Maybe you would like to ask a question before the server start? Write to us: contact@MirageOT.com. We will answer all of your questions!

Kind Regards,
God Ztoffe.

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