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START at 29 June 2016 WEDNESDAY at 20:00 (Gmt + 1)
Ethania OTS is online for:

IP Address: | Port: 7171 | Client: Ethania 8.6


237 kills

Art Of War

147 kills

Old School

128 kills


106 kills

Bonde Dos Pirocudo

76 kills


75 kills

Welcome to ethania
Last joined us: Jimmy Sunshine, Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Accounts in database: 1965
Players in database: 2388
05.07.16 08:53:53 - Youtube Movie for
We have uploaded a 7 minutes movie from The Massive Team Battle event in Like it, comment on it and share it. This is very appreciated! :-)

Posted by God Ethania

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02.07.16 02:48:09 - Massive Team Battle Event
/images/event/mtben.png Massive Team Battle Event will be organized every day in! This event will make your fun even bigger in Ethania! Please read the information below..

Reward: 1 Vip Coin.
Time of event: 08:00 (Gmt+1) & 20:00 (Gmt+1), announced five minutes before starting.
Information: Two teams fighting against eachother in a area. The team which kills the most players within the given time win.

Posted by God Ethania

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01.07.16 03:10:09 - Who's here Event

/images/banner/rsz_whos_here.png’s here?

Today, we are announcing a new event called “Who’s Online?”. This event will mean that whenever we hit 250 players online at the same time we will randomly select 5 players online on that moment and reward them with 250 free premium points!

These points can be spent in our shop to buy new equipment, outfits and many more things. So what are you waiting for?

Invite your friends, family and neighbours to start playing today, and maybe you’ll be the lucky one to win this fantastic prize!

See you in! :-)

Posted by God Ethania

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