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Welcome to Zivera.eu
Last joined us: La De Purtas! Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the best player on the server is: Rook Sample (8). Congratulations!
Activated Accounts: 88
Players: 93
Active guild wars: 0
Guilds in databese: 2

6 Jan 2015-

Sixteenth day of January at 18:00 you will be able to play on new version of zivera.eu server!
After over two months we return and declare, that we start working at full stretch on our projects and server extend.

You will be able to play on server which is copied by our competitors with poorly efects - on server where everyone can be sure, that it will be working for a long time.

Recently players claim that there is crisis of Tibia 8.6 version. Do you belive in it, is this true?
We will show you that this is not true, by welcoming over 1000 players on start. We will show whole world, that oldschool 8.6 veriosn is not dead and is fine! Players also claims, that there were no good PvP server since a long time, it's time to change it!

Zivera.eu is server with history which has been created for over a year - with brand, which guarantees you, that all will be working in accordance with destiny, and game will be a pleasure. No more complaining about massive bugs and problems! Majority of players are saying same, and you can come around it in a few days.

Maybe you have never played on zivera? It's time to change it! This is what our server have to offer:
- Unprecedented on competitors servers stability, even with a large number of players.
- Administartion with many years of experience
- Highest quality hardware located in center of Europe - Poland.
- Huge ammount of working quests
- Technically advanced website
- Recommend System - easy way to get free Premium Points
And extras in game such as:
- Cast System based on OTCast.net - Most advanced system ever created!
- Rapid Server Save - there are no rollbacks, every minute server save is imperceptible.
- Many raids and boss attacks
- Advanced sysems preventing from losing account
- Balanced vocations, most formulas are same as in original Tibia

- Items auctions - alternative sms shop for players
- Quick bug report system and bug tracker on website
- Cam System - large percentage of players will have possibility to download full history of their characters
- Possiblity to change spells display
- Fully working tasks, also created by us
- Multicore server engine
- Autorshiped system of players protection. Until level 50 hits taken are reduced. You can fight from 1 level.
- Many rankings: addons rank, powergamers, top online, quest makers
- PvP bless
- New, well-rounded islands with giant number of places to exp
- Better stamina system
And many many more!
Most of these systems we have introduced as a first in the world and we still maintain the monopoly to part of them, even that competitors, with poorly effects, are trying to copy us.
What is new in this edition?
Not much, because many changes has been introduced in last version and we have a lot to offer in standard. Things which are something new on other servers, are nothing new here ;)
Despite of this we change exp stages and velocity of gaining magic level, on account of many players requests.
It will look like the following:
Exp Stages:
1-50 - x300
51-100 - x150
101-120 - x70
121-140 - x35
141-160 - x15
161-180 - x8
181-200 - x4
201+ - x2
x25, possibility to train 12h offline (on so called exit), with additional stamina regeneration 1 minute of stamina/4 minute afk
Magic Level:
x8 for magic vocations
x10 for paladins and knights
This is do to that most of magic professions gain magic level 1 + 2 mc or similar, what means that one person gain magic level and his mc regen his mana and because of that magic level is increasing much faster.

In case of big guilds attendance, we will organise contest for them with large money prizes.
Also, there will probably be contests relied on reporting bugs.

The only thing that left for us is invite you to play and ask for recommending this server to your friends, because the more people will know about it, the more interesting and longer game will be! We will do our best and yours help will be really useful.
We encourage to create an account today, by clicking here!
We invite you to play!

Kind Regards,
God Asek

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